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Storrito Q&A: How do I build my Instagram community?

Want to successfully showcase your brand on Instagram? Then Instagram Stories should be a part of your daily work. In our "Storrito Q&A," we’ll explain everything you need to know about Instagram, Instagram Stories and Instagram marketing. Today: How do I build my Instagram community?

There is no one secret to building a strong Instagram community. You can follow various paths to achieve this goal.

But one thing is for sure: a strong relationship with your followers on Instagram can only help your brand.

Why should you have a strong Instagram community?

Instagram offers you an easy way to stay connected with your customers. It is one of the best opportunities to gain and strengthen brand loyalty.

Instagram is also perfect for increasing the engagement with your brand, which can be valuable for your brand’s future.

Having a loyal community makes your customers feel like they are part of something bigger. This way, they can connect with you and your brand, which can turn one-time customers into loyal fans who will spread the word about you.

How do you get there?

You should consider trying to not just have followers on Instagram but a real community. To achieve this, your followers need to identify with your brand.

You can make them proud to show their love and appreciation for your brand and products by evolving from a simple product provider to a source of lifestyle and ideals.

Get to know your target group

Don’t just use the platform to share your story. Try to use it to give your community a voice and let them speak for your brand.

Create opportunities to listen to your followers. This can help them feel included and can also be a super valuable way to gain insight into what is important to your followers.

Take the time to learn from your followers’ content and see what inspires them. They will surely reward you with loyalty for caring about them and paying attention to their content.

Use hashtags to get seen

Hashtags are a simple way to get your target group to follow you. You can use this method when you first start on Instagram. But it can also be helpful if you want to increase the number of followers for your account.

Hashtags will help you increase your organic reach because your content won’t just be seen by the people already following you.

For a few years, Instagram has allowed users to follow not only other users but also hashtags. When you choose popular hashtags to describe your content or brand, it can help you reach a wider audience.

Call to action

Communication is not a one-way street. You can encourage your followers to “tag a friend.” This call to action can lead to more likes and comments for your content. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, this can increase your organic reach.

If you want to get more visitors to your website or shop, you can motivate your community to click the “link in bio.”

Conclusion: Instagram Stories are the foundation of a good marketing strategy

Instagram Stories are becoming an increasingly important part of a good marketing strategy. To make it easier to work on stories in a team, Storrito can help. You can design, edit and schedule your stories from the comfort of your computer. This way, everyone has access to and an overview of your Instagram stories.

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