Instagram Story Planner (Scheduler)

You're probably asking yourself: What is the best Story Planning App? And how does it work? You will find all the answers on this page.

The software that allows you to plan your Instagram stories is called:

Storrito allows you to schedule your Instagram and Facebook Stories. It's the perfect tool for Social Media Managers and Agencies to manage their client's accounts. Individual Influencers can also use it to automate their story posting and get a bit more time off from their social feed. The main difference to other scheduling apps is that Storrito focuses exclusively on Instagram Stories. It offers unique features that alternatives like Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc., cannot provide. Here are the main advantages of

  1. The Story Editor allows you to create and edit your IG Stories comfortably from your desktop PC
  2. You can add all kinds of Instagram Stickers to your story: like Hashtags, Polls, Link-Sticker, Locations, Quizzes, etc.
  3. You can upload videos longer than 15 seconds, and Storrito will automatically cut them into pieces
  4. You can plan and schedule your story ahead of time so that you can enjoy your weekend
  5. Storrito provides 100% auto-posting so that no notifications will disturb you - ever!

How to Plan Instagram Stories

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how the Instagram Story Planner works:

    Sign up for

    Storrito is a web application, so there is no need to download anything. It works in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can simply signup at with your Google account or your email address and a password.

    Step 1

    Create and edit your stories online from your PC

    A quick scan of the story editor shows that you have a tremendous amount of creative freedom to edit your media. You can add texts, gifs, emojis, pictures, shapes, and stickers like hashtags, link-stickers, locations, polls, and a countdown timer to your story.

    Step 2

    Plan your Instagram Story

    Now it is time to plan your story. Therefore click on the same story in the gallery and select 'Post/Schedule'. In order to plan your story:

    1. Select the Instagram account you want to publish the story to
    2. If you also want to schedule it as a Facebook story, click on the radio button below, and Storrito will automatically cross-post your story to your Facebook Page
    3. You can also add a swipe-up link if you have over 10.000 followers
    4. Finally, select a date and time to schedule your Instagram story


    The Instagram Story Calendar

    Storrito comes with a story calendar where you can see your scheduled stories. The Story Scheduler offers many other features but to list these would go beyond the scope of this page, so you better try it out at

    Step 4

Frequently asked questions

Can you also schedule Facebook stories?
As mentioned above, you can also schedule Facebook stories. Storrito will automatically cross-post your story to the Facebook page connected to your Instagram account. If you have multiple Facebook Pages connected, you will see a list of all pages to choose from.
Bulk Schedule Instagram Stories?
Yes, you can also bulk schedule your stories all at once, to save you even more time.
Where do I see my scheduled stories?
Once the system renders your media, you'll be able to see the status of your story in the right column. You see a clock for scheduled stories or a green checkmark indicates when Storrito successfully posted it to your Instagram account.

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