How to schedule Instagram Reels

You're probably asking yourself: can you schedule Instagram Reels? - Yes you can! The solution you are looking for is called: - The Instagram Reel Scheduler:

Storrito is the perfect scheduling tool for social media managers. The software allows you to upload Instagram Reels from your web browser. You can plan your Instagram Reels and Stories in advance, comfortably from your laptop PC. Here are some more benefits:

  1. You can add captions with hashtags, mentions, etc.
  2. Storrito will 100% auto-post the Reel for you! No manual action is required.
  3. You can cross-share your Reels to Facebook and to your main feed alongside with your other posts.

How to schedule Instagram Reels with

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how Instagram Reels scheduling and auto-posting works:

    Sign up at

    Storrito is a web application, so there is no need to download anything. It works in Chrome, Firefox, and even in the Internet Explorer. You can simply signup at with your Google account or your email address and password.

    Step 1

    Connect your Instagram account.

    After you have signed up, you can connect your Instagram account to Storrito. Simply enter your Instagram username, also known as your Instagram handle, and your password. No worries, the connection is secure! Click on “Save this Connection” and you are done! 💪

    Step 2

    Upload your first Instagram Reel from PC

    Follow these steps:

          1. Click on **Upload reel video** and select the MP4-file from your computer. 
    2. Next, you can upload a cover picture for your Reel.

    1. Then write a caption for your Instagram Reel with hashtags, mentions, etc.
    2. You can also recommend your Reel on Facebook, even though you do not have a Facebook account connected to your Instagram account. Plus, you can choose to share your Instagram Reel to your main feed.

    Step 3

    Schedule your Instagram Reel

    If everything is set, you can start scheduling your Instagram Reel or have it automatically posted immediately:

          1. Select a time and date when you want your Reel to be published and hit the schedule button. Storrito will automatically publish your Reel for you at the given time.  
    2. You can also publish your Reel immediately by clicking on Post now to post it to your Instagram account. Note: Please allow some time for the posting process, it needs it to render the video. Don't click twice on the publish button.

    Step 4

    Instagram Reels Scheduling Calendar

    Under the Reels history menu tab you will see all scheduled and posted Reels. This overview is good for your social media management planning team to see which Reel will be posted next.

    Step 5

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything on the day the Reel is scheduled?
No, unlike other Instagram scheduling softwares, works 100% automatically! We will auto-post your Reel for you. So you can plan Reels way ahead of time and enjoy your free time on the weekend.
Where and when do I see my Instagram Reel?
You can simply check this on your mobile phone in the Instagram app and see if your Reel has been posted. Important: Like other video softwares, Storrito needs to render your Instagram Reel video before publishing it, so this may take a few minutes. Please do not hit the publish button twice - it won't make the process faster 😉
Is Storrito for free? - Why do I have to pay for it?
Our development team invested a lot of time into this new feature in the last few months. We are now the first software provider in the market for scheduling Instagram Reels from your desktop PC. With us, you can be the first to offer this to your clients.
Can we work in a team?
Yes, you can invite as many team members as you want to Storrito free of chargen.

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