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The perfect tool for influencers, brands and agencies

  • Story editor with Instagram goodies
  • Auto post, no notifications required
  • Prepare and schedule your posts
  • Add Link Stickers
7 days money back guarantee
327,595 Social media managers already trust Storrito

150,051 Instagram accounts connected

11,078,762 Stories have been posted

52,083 Stories are currently scheduled

+6 years in Business

(these statistics are updated every hour)

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Web Editor for
Instagram Stories

  • Add interactive Instagram goodies like Link Stickers, Hashtags, Usermentions, Quiz Stickers and much more.
  • Add free or upload your own GIFs to your stories
  • Highres Emojis 😀 😍 😁
  • Custom fonts selection
  • Use professional stock photos for free
  • Access thousands of professional story templates from and add interactive stickers in our editor.
Instagram Story Editor

Post your story directly on Instagram or choose a date and time to post later.

  • Add link stickers
  • Share your Story to Facebook with working swipe-up links
  • Connect as many Instagram accounts as you like
  • Schedule your Instagram stories on autopilot and automatically share them to Facebook in one go.

    No annoying confirmations and no business account required.
Schedule your first Story7-day money-back guarantee
Instagram Story Scheduler

Organize your story media and scheduled stories

  • Invite teammates to your Storrito account and plan stories together for multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Plan stories in bulk and save a lot of time
Instagram Story Editor

Use Storrito's story templates to turn your image into an animated story video.

    Animate the link sticker, header and background with different styles.
Instagram Story Scheduler

Cut your video in the Storrito editor and add eye-catching Gif animations

All Instagram tags and editor features are also supported for videos.

  • Access all GIFs from
  • Add your own GIF stickers to your stories
  • Invisible Hashtags and Mentions
  • Access custom Instagram stickers that are not available on the app
Instagram Story Editor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Storrito?

Storrito lets you create Instagram Stories comfortably in your browser. Pick a date, and Storrito will automatically post the Instagram Story for you.

Why do I need a tool like Storrito?

In the Instagram app, it is not possible to prepare Stories in advance or schedule them for a later time. This may create a lot of discomfort in your personal life, when you need to create and post Instagram Stories on the weekends or in the evening.

Why will your business profit from Instagram Stories and Storrito?

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories is an excellent traffic source for your brand or company. Storrito helps you prepare everything in advance, while you can relax when Storrito posts the Stories automatically at the desired time. Without Storrito, it is hard to keep up the daily routine of posting Instagram Stories.

Why should I use Storrito and not another service?

Storrito is the only automation service on the market that nearly supports all Instagram stickers. These stickers are essential to engage with your audience (polls, quizzes, questions, etc.) or send traffic to your online shop via the link sticker. With hashtag and location stickers, more people will discover your content.

How much does it cost?

Storrito charges $25 per Instagram account per month. I don't know what you usually earn per hour, but I guess Storrito will amortize its monthly costs almost instantly. When it saves you the time and stress to create Instagram Stories in the evening or at other points in time when you have much better personal stuff to do.

Can I trust Storrito?

At the moment, 327,595 Social media managers already trust Storrito. They connected 150,051 Instagram accounts to our platform and have already posted 11,078,762 Instagram Stories via Storrito. These numbers are from our live system and are updated every hour.

We are already +6 years in business and we have never been hacked, nor any other catastrophe has happened.

Who are we?

Speaking of trust, I guess you also like to know who we are. Our company, the Vire GmbH, is located in the city of Cologne, Germany.During the pandemic, we became a remote company. While most of our team still lives in or around Cologne, we hired Mateusz, who lives in Poland, and Anthony, who resides in France. So, without further ado, this is our team:

Most of the time you, can also chat with us (click the red button in the lower right corner). One of our friendly support agents will help you with all your questions when we are not around.

What else can I do with Storrito?

We are actively working on expanding the capabilities of Storrito. For now you can schedule Instagram stories and reels with our service.

Where can I learn more about Storrito?

We have a YouTube channel where you find hundreds of tutorials that shows Storrito in action. Also, have a look at our Help Center.