How to Upload a Video to Instagram Story from PC

You are probably asking yourself: How to add a video story on Instagram from PC? - The solution you are looking for is called: - The Instagram Story Video Editor for PC

Storrito allows you to upload long videos (+15sec) to your Instagram and Facebook Stories directly from your desktop PC, or Mac. You can also plan your stories ahead of time, comfortably from your web browser. It allows you to:

  1. Upload longer Videos than 15 seconds - Storrito will automatically cut it into pieces of 15 seconds
  2. Edit your video story online - you can add Instagram Stickers, Gifs, Photos, Emojis, Text, etc.
  3. You can also schedule your Video Stories and Storrito will auto-post them at the given date and time (without any notifications)

How to post a video story on Instagram from PC with

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add a video story on Instagram from PC:

    Sign up at Storrito

    Storrito is a web application, so there is no need to download anything. It works in Chrome, Firefox, etc. You can simply signup at

    Step 1

    Connect your Instagram account.

    After the signup process, you have to connect your Instagram Account to Storrito. First, you need to confirm your location. Then enter your Instagram username and password. Click on “Save this Connection” and you are done! 💪

    Step 2

    Upload your Instagram Story Video from PC

    Now you can start uploading your photos or videos. You can simply drag and drop your creatives into the gallery from your desktop. Once your files are uploaded, click on the video you want to publish and click on “edit” to open up the story editor.

    Step 3

    Use Storrito's Story and Video Editor to post the entire Video

    When you upload videos that are longer than 15 seconds and you want to post the full video, then pull the top bar to the right. Storrito will then automatically cut your video into parts of 15seconds and post one after the other. But before doing so, we want to finish our story by adding hashtags, link-stickers, locations, polls, and a countdown timer to our Instagram story. Once we are done, we click on 'save' to continue with the next step.

    Step 4

    Post the Video Story to your Instagram Account from PC

    After uploading and creating your video story, the last step is to post the story video to your account. Therefore click on the same story in the gallery, and this time select 'Post/Schedule', and the scheduling view will open. To post your video story:

    1. Select the Instagram account you want to publish the story to.
    2. If you also want to add the video story to your Facebook page, click on the radio button below, and Storrito will automatically cross-post your video story to Facebook.
    3. Finally select 'Post Now' or if your want to schedule it, simply pick a date and time when it should go live.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I see my scheduled stories?
Once the system renders your media, you will be able to see the status of your story in the right column; you see a clock when it is scheduled, or a green checkmark indicates when it was successfully posted to your Instagram account.
Can I also post longer Videos in my Story?
Yes you can - Storrito will automatically cut your Video into 15 seconds and post it one after the other.
Can you also schedule Facebook stories?
As mentioned above, you can also schedule Facebook video stories. Storrito will automatically cross-post the story to your Facebook page. If you have multiple Facebook Pages connected, you will see all pages in this view, and you can choose the one it should be published to.

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