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Storrito Q&A: How can I repost other users' Instagram stories in my story?

Want to successfully showcase your brand on Instagram? Then Instagram Stories should be a part of your daily work. In our "Storrito Q&A," we’ll explain everything you need to know about Instagram, Instagram Stories and Instagram Marketing.

How can I repost other users' Instagram stories in my story?

Reposting your followers' content can be an effective marketing idea. For example, consider having a promotion where every follower who makes an Instagram story wearing a product of yours and tags you in it will be entered into a prize drawing.

This will allow your followers to interact with you, your account, and your products, and it will inspire other followers to participate as well.

To repost your followers' Instagram stories to your story, it only takes a few steps:

1. Tell your followers to tag you in their story. Important: Your followers must enable the slider that allows people they mention to repost their story.

2. You will then receive a direct message once you have been tagged in a story.

3. Click on that direct message, select the "Post this in your story" option, and click on the blue lettering.

4. Before you share the story, you can edit it as usual, add music or add stickers.

This automatically creates a connection between followers and the company. And, at the same time, more followers will want to join in for a chance to win the prize or appear in your story.

Conclusion: Instagram Stories are the foundation of a good marketing strategy

Instagram Stories are becoming an increasingly important part of a good marketing strategy. To make it easier to work on Instagram Stories as a team, we suggest using You can design, edit and schedule your stories from the comfort of your computer. This way, everyone has access to and an overview of your Instagram Stories.

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Tobias Manroth
CMO at Storrito

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