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Add invisible Hashtags and Mentions to your Instagram stories

In this post we want to show you the absolutely best way to add invisible hashtags and mentions to your Instagram story in 4 easy steps so stand by!

invisible tags

As mentioned before hashtags are important to get attention on Instagram. By using the right hashtags you can address people on Instagram that would otherwise never be aware of your gorgeous stories.

That being said many users don’t use hashtags because they can be very frustrating to integrate. Especially when using more than one tag they take up so much space which makes it difficult to convey your message. Also they can look odd when they don’t fit your art style.

There are two hacks until now to make tags “invisible” either by positioning them to the side, which renders them unclickable. Or by placing them on single color backgrounds and painting over them which restricts you very much where you can place your tags.

With you can add truly invisible hashtags and mentions to your stories without any restrictions.

  • Place them wherever you want
  • Make them as big or small you like
  • No fiddling with the Instagram app
  • Also for videos

How to do it the right way

After you have created your free Storrito account over here you simply upload your image or mp4 video to your Storrito gallery. Click on it and then on “Edit” to open the Storrito editor.

Then it’s just a piece of cake to add an invisible tag to your post:

  1. Add a Text object to your post
  2. Type in "#yourawesomehashtag" or "@storritofresh". (without and don't write anything else in the textfield otherwise it will not work)
  3. Place and scale it however you want
  4. Click on the Textcolor button and select the color with the red cross (transparent)

1. Editor2. Modal dialog3. text entered4. select color

Final result

After saving your post and connecting your Instagram account to Storrito, you can post your awesome story.
Try it out yourself! The tags remain clickable in the app and are truly invisible!

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