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Storrito Q&A: How do you clear your Instagram search history?

Want to successfully showcase your brand on Instagram? Then Instagram Stories should be a part of your daily work. In our "Storrito Q&A," we’ll explain everything you need to know about Instagram, Instagram Stories and Instagram marketing.

Today: How do you clear your Instagram search history?

Over the years, the Instagram search feature has become more and more important. Now, users can search for keywords, hashtags, accounts, and locations.

To search on the platform, tap on the magnifying glass in the menu bar at the bottom of your screen. You will now see the Instagram Explore Tab with the search bar above it.

When you tap on the search bar, you will see your Instagram search suggestions. By tapping on “Accounts,” “Tags,” or “Places,” you can search directly for these categories.

Type the word you are looking for in the search bar and tap search.

If you have done some searches before, you can also clear your search history.

How to clear your search history

There are two options for deleting your search history on Instagram. You can either do it directly in the app on your smartphone or via your desktop browser.

On your phone

To delete your Instagram search history on your smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile.
  2. Tap the three lines in the right-hand corner on the top of your screen.
  3. Go to “Settings” and select “Security.”
  4. Tap “Clear search history.”

Now, you will see whatever you have searched for in the past. You can then remove individual searches or delete them all at once. You can do this by tapping “Clear All” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

In your browser

You also have the option of deleting your search history on your computer. To do so, open Instagram in the browser of your choice and then take the following steps:

  1. Tap on your profile picture at the top of your screen.
  2. Select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Tap on "Privacy and Security" and then select "View Account Data.”
  4. Navigate to “Search History” and tap “View All.”

Here you can now clear your search history.

How to get rid of search suggestions

You can even delete the suggestions that Instagram Search makes for you. To do so, simply tap on the little x next to the suggested search. However, you cannot delete all the suggestions at once.

It is worth noting that once you delete a result from the search suggestions, it will no longer appear for you again.

Conclusion: Instagram stories are the foundation of a good marketing strategy

Instagram stories are becoming an increasingly important part of a good marketing strategy. To make it easier to work on Instagram stories in a team, Storrito can help. You can design, edit and schedule your stories from the comfort of your computer. This way, everyone has access to and an overview of your Instagram stories.

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