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How to get more comments on Instagram

In our “Instagram Guides”, we'll look at Instagram, explain its new and old features, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: How to get more comments on Instagram.

Since Instagram changed its feed away from chronological order, there have been hubbubs about the Instagram algorithm and how it works.

There are a few things that you should pay attention to for pleasing the algorithm. One of these points is clearly a large amount of interaction. So, make sure your content gets as many likes, comments, saves, and clicks as possible.

Not sure how to increase the number of comments get? Here are three essential tips that will lead to more interaction under your postings.

Host a giveaway or contest

Contest and giveaways are some of the easiest ways to generate a lot of comments. On Instagram, comments often are mandatory for giveaways or contests.

You can ask for your follower’s opinion on your products or the item you want to give away. You can even let them answer a quiz question or ask them to tag a friend. For example, the account they would like to use their win with or would want to travel to a certain destination.

The last option, where you ask your followers to tag a friend, is also great to get your giveaway or contest seen by more people. That as well can increase your interaction rate.

Get more people to see your content

The more people see your postings, the more possible comments are out there for you.

After posting your photo or video, you can also share it via your Stories. Like that, you can also reach followers that will not see your content played out in their feed because of the algorithm.

Apart from your already existing followers, you can reach more accounts by using the right hashtags. You can insert up to 30 hashtags to deliver your content to a broader community.

You can also tag other accounts, like brands or locations, in your postings. In all likelihood, they will share your content in their Stories or regram it. That is another opportunity to deliver your postings to more possible commentators.

Make sure to respond to comments to reciprocate the interactions

Interaction on social media should never be a one-way street. When you achieved your goal of getting comments under your posts, always make sure to respond to them or at least tap the little heart under them.

Responding to comments is not only the polite way, but it can also help to give your followers a sense of belonging to your community.

It also increases the number of comments under your post that is shown in the Instagram feed. So, when people are scrolling past your content, they will more likely stop when they see a higher number of comments – to read them or maybe leave a comment themselves.

Conclusion: Comments are an easy way to please the Instagram algorithm

Increasing the number of comments you get is not a difficult task. You can either ask your followers to get more comments. Just think of a smart and fun way to do so. Always remember to treat people on Instagram like in a real conversation.

When you ask a question, you will most likely get answers. The other way round, you should also always react to the comments people leave under your content. Storrito helps with the creation of Instagram Stories. The platform can be used within a team to create and schedule Stories.

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