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How to tell if your Instagram account has been hacked

In our “Instagram Guides,” we'll look at Instagram, explain its features both new and old, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: How to tell if your Instagram account has been hacked, and how to get your account back.

It is probably the greatest fear for every user, especially influencers and social media managers–to learn that your Instagram account got hacked or taken over. In the blink of an eye, your precious content could disappear, memories and photos lost forever.

But there are a few signs to look out for that can indicate that your account got hacked. And your account is not necessarily lost right away.

Signs that your account got hacked

There are a few simple signs that can help you notice that your Instagram account got hacked. You should get suspicious if photos start appearing on your account that you haven’t posted.

Presumably the worst sign is when you lose access to your account. This is when you try to log into your account and are a hundred percent sure that you used the correct password and there are no technical problems, but it still doesn’t work.

But this is not a hopeless situation. There are a few things you can still do to try to get your account back.

Are you still able to log in to your account?

If you have the feeling that your account got hacked, but you can still log in, you can do a few things to secure your account.

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile.
  2. Tap the three lines and open your Settings.
  3. Tap “Account” and then “Personal Information” and check that your email address and phone number are correct.
  4. Turn on two-factor authentication via the “Security” section in your settings.
  5. Change your password. Tap “Password” in your settings and change your password. You can also send yourself a password reset email.

Undo the change of email address

When the email address for the account changes, Instagram will send you an email from You can undo this change if it was not you that made it.

If reverting is not possible because, for example, your password was also changed, you can request a login link or security code from Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram and tap “Forgot password?”
  2. Enter your username, email address, or phone number.
  3. Select how to get your login link–via email or SMS.
  4. You can also tap “Need more help?” if you don’t know either of the above.

Verify your identity to regain control over your account

You can also request support from Instagram. When you have photos of yourself on your Instagram account, you can verify yourself with a video selfie showing your face from different directions.

You can also submit a new video if Instagram wasn’t able to confirm your identity with the first one.

Don’t worry if you don’t have pictures of yourself on your Instagram account. Instagram will let you verify your identity as well via information about the email address or phone number you used to sign up on Instagram.

Conclusion: You can regain control over your hacked Instagram account

Of course, it is shocking to learn that your Instagram account got hacked. First things first, you need to keep a clear head, and then you will surely be able to regain control over your account. Storrito helps with the creation of Instagram stories. The platform can be used within a team to create and schedule stories.

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