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This is how Instagram is helping users stay informed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Instagram's features are constantly being updated, with new features being added and old ones discontinued. In our "Instagram Guides," we’ll look at Instagram, explain its new and old features, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: How Instagram is helping users stay informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram is a platform known for images, videos, and advertising,, but it is also used for communicating important information. This holds true during the coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Instagram has developed several new features to help users stay informed.

1. Reliable sources from the WHO

When people search specifically for information about COVID-19 on Instagram, they are now shown an information display that links to WHO resources or to the resources of local health ministries. This helps ensure that users can find reliable sources.

2. New coronavirus-themed stickers

For those who want to reference the pandemic while still keeping their stories visually appealing, Instagram now has coronavirus-themed stickers. These include stickers that say things like “maintain social distancing” or “stay at home,” for example.

There are also brand new stickers that refer to coronavirus vaccinations. For example, those who want to motivate their followers to get vaccinated can use the "Let's get vaccinated" sticker, and those who have already gotten their shots can use the "I got vaccinated" sticker.

3. COVID-19 Information Center

Specifically in the US, UK, France, Germany, India, and Chile, the COVID-19 Information Center helps users get reliable information from trusted health professionals in their area. This information includes who is eligible for the vaccine, prevention information from trusted health organizations, and content that dispels common vaccine myths.

Instagram is already working on features that will help people find out where they can get vaccinated and show the number of COVID-19 cases in their area.

Notifications will appear at the top of users' feeds to direct them to the new COVID-19 Information Center. This is to ensure that they can quickly access credible information.

4. Labeling of posts

If posts on Instagram contain information that violates COVID-19 or vaccine guidelines, those posts will be removed from Instagram. Posts about the virus which are not made by health professionals will automatically display an informational label about vaccines and COVID-19 in general.

These labels reference credible information from health experts such as the WHO. Instagram continues to work on these labels to provide more context to users and followers.

5. Cutting down on misinformation

Instagram is fact-checking posts related to the coronavirus and vaccination. Independent fact checkers can use the misinformation guidelines to classify posts as false. This causes these posts to be removed from the Explore and Hashtag pages.

In order to stop the spread of false information, Instagram also removes false claims and conspiracy theories reported as inappropriate by health organizations and local health departments.

Conclusion: Instagram is helping users during the coronavirus pandemic

People usually think of Instagram as a platform for entertainment. However, during the pandemic, it has been shown that Instagram is helping to provide important information to users, and is also helping to protect users from false information as much as possible.

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