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Instagram Stories: 3 content ideas for ice cream shops

Instagram marketing can be challenging for businesses. To stand out from the crowd, creativity is key. In our "Content Ideas" series, we'll show you three ideas for reaching and engaging your target audience on Instagram. Today: Instagram story ideas for ice cream shops.

1. Give your followers a look behind the scenes

Do you prepare your ice cream yourself instead of buying it ready-made? Then that's what sets you apart from the competition! And, you can use this in your Instagram marketing. Give your followers a look behind the scenes and answer important questions: How is the ice cream made? Where do you get your products from? Are regional products important to you?

This behind-the-scenes look is not only interesting and exciting for your followers to see, but also has a positive impact on your followers’ level of trust.

2. Involve your followers

Use the poll sticker to let your followers decide which ingredients you should use to make the ice cream. Your followers can then buy the ice cream directly from you once it's ready.

Offer a discount on ice cream orders for every follower who shares your Instagram stories.

3. Create a quiz and show off your expertise

You're the expert at making ice cream. Use a quiz to highlight your expertise even more. Prepare a quiz for your followers to test their knowledge: How long does it take to make ice cream? Can all the ingredients be mixed together? What mistakes can you make? How does the ice cream get creamy?

Your followers will be actively engaged by your stories and you will also learn in which areas you can inform them even more.

Conclusion: Be creative in your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the perfect tool to let your creativity run wild. Try the ideas we have given here, or experiment with other ideas to stand out from the crowd.

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