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Instagram Stories: 3 content ideas for restaurants

Instagram marketing can be challenging for businesses. To stand out from the crowd, creativity is key. In our "Content Ideas" series, we'll show you three ideas for reaching and engaging your target audience on Instagram. Today: Instagram story ideas for restaurants.

1. Introduce limited-time dishes

Do you offer special dishes with asparagus in the spring? Or special pumpkin dishes in the fall? Then introduce these limited-time and seasonal dishes in your Instagram Stories too. Let your followers know when and for how long the dishes will be available.

Link to your website so your followers can book a table directly and try these limited-time dishes.

2. Give your followers a look behind the scenes

For many of your followers, it's important to know where the ingredients in your dishes come from. Regional sourcing is a big factor for many people these days. Plus, it increases trust when your followers can see where you buy your vegetables or meat.

Followers who care strongly about this will be encouragedto reserve a table with you.

3. Show off your expertise

You're the expert in the field when it comes to food preparation. You can display this expertise even more with a quiz. Test your followers and raffle off a voucher for your restaurant among the participants.

You involve your followers, they can interactively participate in your stories, and at the same time, they have the chance to get a voucher.

Conclusion: Be creative in your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the perfect tool to let your creativity run wild. Try the ideas we have given here, or experiment with other ideas to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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