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Instagram Stories: 3 content ideas for home improvement stores

Instagram marketing can be challenging for businesses. To stand out from the crowd, creativity is key. In our "Content Ideas" series, we'll show you three ideas for reaching and engaging your target audience on Instagram. Today: Instagram story ideas for home improvement stores.

1. Introduce your employees

Give your followers the opportunity to get to know you and your employees better. When visiting your store, interaction with employees might be limited. However, in your Instagram Stories, everyone can introduce themselves, tell something about themselves, and highlight their individual expertise.

This automatically builds trust. And, your followers will recognize the featured employees the next time they visit your store.

2. Virtual visit through your home improvement store

Not everyone has been to your store in person and can imagine how big it is and what departments there are. Therefore, take your followers on a virtual visit in Instagram Stories.

Show off the different departments. Many of your followers will be surprised to learn that you don't just sell tools, but also household appliances and plants, for example.

3. Introduce your new products

Which products are brand new at your store? For example, it could be a flower that is only available in spring. Show your followers that they can buy this flower from now on and only for a limited time.

At the same time, offer them the appropriate added value by giving background information about the flower and care instructions so that it will last a long time.

Conclusion: Be creative in your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the perfect tool to let your creativity run wild. Try the ideas we have given here, or experiment with other ideas to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

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Tobias Manroth
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