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How to generate QR codes for your profile or posts on Instagram

In our “Instagram Guides,” we'll look at Instagram, explain its features both new and old, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: How to generate QR codes for your profile or posts on Instagram

For a long time, Instagram has been testing QR codes– or Nametags, as the social media giant calls them. In August 2020, it launched the feature worldwide.

Now you can create a QR code for your Instagram account. Instagram designed the feature mainly for businesses.

A business can print the code out and display it in their store window. When customers scan it, they will be taken directly to the business’s profile. Here, they can easily find opening hours, buy items, or just follow the account.

Nametags are also a good opportunity for online shops to develop wider communities. A shop can print out its Nametag and add it to deliveries. This way, customers will be encouraged to follow the shop on Instagram.

How to generate a Nametag for your Instagram profile on your smartphone

  1. Open Instagram and navigate to your profile by tapping on your profile picture in the lower right corner.
  2. Tap the three lines in the upper right corner to open your menu.
  3. Tap “QR Code.”
  4. You can now see the QR code for your Instagram profile.
  5. When you tap “Color” at the top of your screen, you can choose between three layouts for your QR code: emoji, selfie, or color gradient. Tap the screen to change the background color, the emoji shown behind your QR code, or the filter for your selfie.
  6. Save your QR code by making a screenshot, or tap the share button in the upper right corner. Here you can save the image or share it via other social media or messaging apps on your smartphone.

On your computer

Alternatively, you can also generate your Nametag on your computer or laptop. Open your browser and log in to your Instagram account.

Go to the website You can choose from six colors to personalize your QR code. After this, you can download it, print it out, or distribute it otherwise.

How you generate a QR code for an Instagram post

Sadly, the Instagram Nametag generator is only available for your profile. If you want to share posts, hashtags, or Stories Highlights via QR code, you need to use external tools. Just choose a generator, copy and paste the link, and there you go.

How you scan Instagram QR codes

Of course, you can scan an Instagram Nametag simply by opening your camera. But it is also possible within the Instagram app.

Follow the steps for generating the QR code for your own profile. Beneath your QR code at the bottom of your screen, you can tap “Scan QR Code.” This will open the Instagram camera, where you can scan other people’s codes.

Finished scanning QR codes? You can get back to your own by tapping “Go to your QR code.”

Conclusion: QR codes can help you share your Instagram profile

The Instagram Nametag feature is a good opportunity for getting your Instagram profile better known. It can also help speed up sales on Instagram. Storrito helps with the creation of Instagram stories. The platform can be used within a team to create and schedule stories.

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