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Best Practices: Urth Caffé uses these content ideas in their Instagram marketing

In theory, Instagram marketing should be easy. But the reality is that many companies struggle with it day to day. However, with a little creativity, you can create great Instagram stories for your business. In our "Best Practices" series, we'll introduce you to different companies that are providing real quality in Instagram marketing, and give you some real-life examples.

Best Practices: Instagram marketing at Urth Caffé

1. Let your followers know that you also deliver food

Most likely, not all of your followers know that they can order takeout from you. Therefore, point this out in your Instagram Stories. Also, make sure to link to your website so followers can order food directly, just as Urth Caffé does.

2. Show off your dishes

Not all of your followers know the dishes you offer on your menu. Therefore, inform and entice your followers by showing off your dishes on Instagram Stories. This will make followers want to stop by your place and try the dish they saw right away. Or you can link to your website where your followers can have this dish delivered.

3. Inform about your business hours

Hardly any customer experience is more unpleasant than when customers arrive to find a closed sign. That's why you should inform your followers about your opening hours in Instagram Stories. Then, create a story highlight so that new followers can see your store hours right away.

Conclusion: Simple ideas become big successes

The Instagram marketing of Urth Caffé shows the value of simple ideas. They now reach nearly 35,000 followers on Instagram. Would you like to do the same? Then check out how Storrito can help you make it happen: With our tool, you can easily create Instagram stories on your computer, schedule them in advance, and edit them as a team.

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