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The Instagram bio and how to get the most out of it

Instagram's features are constantly being updated, with new features being added and old ones discontinued. In our “Instagram Guides,” we’ll look at Instagram, explain its new and old features, and show you how to get the most out of the platform for your marketing strategy. Today: the Instagram bio and how to get the most out of it.

What is the Instagram bio?

The Instagram bio is the flagship of your Instagram profile. When followers click on your profile, the first thing they see is not your pictures, but your bio. Therefore, you should make sure to create a bio that includes some of your basic information. You can include up to 150 characters of text, emojis and hashtags.

The main goal of an Instagram bio is to convince new followers to follow you so they can see your content.

How can I change my Instagram bio?

To change your Instagram bio, first, go to your Instagram profile. Then, click on the "Edit Profile" option. Here, you can change your profile picture, change your name and username, and add your website link to your profile. Business accounts have some additional options here—we’ll explain more about that later on.

How do I create my Instagram bio?

Creating your bio can be a bit of a challenge the first time you try it, since Instagram has certain rules. Here's an overview of each of the setting options:

  • Name: The name is the title of your account and is shown in bold above the description. For business accounts, the company or brand name should be used here. Additionally, it makes sense to include a keyword. This tells Instagram’s algorithm what the account is about.
  • Description: If you create your Instagram bio on your smartphone, you'll run into a problem: you can't use line breaks! The solution is simple: either you log into your Instagram account on the computer and write your bio there, or, if you still want to use your smartphone, pre-write your bio in somewhere else then copy-paste it to your Instagram account.
  • Website: You can't include a clickable link to a website in the actual bio . Therefore, it is important to include it in the website section. Very often you read the sentence "Link is in the bio" in posts (where including links is not permitted for any account), or in stories from accounts that can't yet use swipe-up links. Including a link in the bio allows followers to go directly to your website or online store and find the product that you just showed in the post or story.

Tips for business accounts

Instagram gives business accounts the option to add more information. For example, you can include your entire address and a contact option, such as your email address.

Additionally, a call-to-action button can be added, which should include a short and concise message. This can be, for example, "Shop now," or "Read the blog now."

Conclusion: A creative opportunity for Instagram marketing

Along with normal posts and stories, having a professional Instagram bio is part of optimizing Instagram marketing for businesses. Storrito helps with the creation of Instagram stories. The platform can be used within a team to create and schedule stories to inform followers.

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