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How to Schedule Instagram Stories from your Desktop PC

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Instagram Stories have become an important marketing tool for businesses. They are fun, personable, and a great way to interact with your customers. However, it can also be very time-consuming to create engaging stories, especially if you are trying to do it on the go from your phone. The good news is: with Storrito, you now have access to a web tool that lets you schedule your Instagram stories from your desktop PC.

500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. One third of the most-viewed Instagram stories are from businesses. And 58% of users say they have become more interested in a product or brand after seeing it in Stories. These are just a few numbers to show you why Instagram Stories is so important for your business.

When Instagram Stories first launched, most people just saw it as a copycat version of Snapchat, and didn’t think the feature would stick around for too long. However, users loved it, and now it’s clear that Instagram Stories is here to stay.

Instagram has also made sure to constantly update and improve the feature to turn it into a valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Businesses can’t ignore Instagram Stories

In Stories, you can now promote new products, announce news, answer your followers’ questions, and even include swipe-up links to a website or online shop. During the first few months of the pandemic, Instagram even added several new interactive stickers such as the food order sticker and the shopping sticker to help struggling businesses.

All these different features make Instagram Stories more interactive and versatile than a regular post. Now, Instagram Stories is one of the most popular social media features out there. So if you want to reach your target audience, you really can’t ignore Instagram Stories.

As a casual, fun feature Instagram Stories is a big driver of engagement, and it can help you reach new customers and build a faithful online community around your brand.

As with all social media marketing though, creating meaningful, engaging stories is also very time-consuming. On top of that, there is no native desktop version for Instagram Stories, so you always have to create and edit your posts on your small smartphone screen.

Instagram also doesn’t allow you to schedule stories, which brings its own challenges if you are planning your stories around a time-sensitive marketing strategy or trying to tie them in with certain events.

Luckily, with Storrito, you have a handy web tool for scheduling Instagram stories directly from your desktop PC, which will help you improve the quality of your stories and get better results from your posts.

Scheduling Instagram stories saves time

Creating social media campaigns always takes time, but planning a story on Instagram can be particularly challenging. For one, you put a lot of work into a post that will, in most cases, disappear after 24 hours.

If you create a story where you keep adding new frames every few hours, it also means that you have to post a new picture or video multiple times a day. Depending on the best posting times for your target audience or their location, this might involve posting at odd hours.

Scheduling your story with Storrito makes the process a lot easier, as you only have to go online once, at whatever time suits you best. All you have to do is schedule the publishing times for your story frames, and then the tool will upload everything automatically without you having to worry about it anymore.

Fine-tune your posting times

If you can’t schedule your posts, you’ll end up uploading stories at very random times— basically, whenever your busy schedule allows for it. This is not only incredibly stressful; you also might miss the windows of time for reaching the most followers.

Depending on your business and target audience, there are usually very specific times when most customers are online. These are the times when you can reach the most people, and these are also the times when you should post your stories.

If you are posting a story whenever you get the chance, you won’t be able to always hit these perfect windows of time. However, with a planning tool for Instagram Stories, you can really fine-tune your posting times. This will help increase your reach and the visibility of your brand.

Create a polished, unified look

How many times have you been frustrated when creating an Instagram story because it was really hard to edit it on your small smartphone screen? How many times have you thought your post looked great — until you saw it on your desktop PC and realized that the quality wasn’t as good as you thought? And how many times have you uploaded a story last-minute, only to then notice that it didn’t really fit with the overall look and feel of your brand?

If you create your stories on a smartphone, these mistakes can happen really easily. And while there is something to be said for the unique style of an unfinished-looking Instagram story, you don’t want your posts to be low-quality or look out of place.

Creating and editing your stories on a computer with a high resolution and a large screen can definitely help you avoid these mistakes and achieve a more polished look for your brand on Instagram.

With a tool like Storrito, you can also see all of your stories next to each other, which will help you create a unified, recognizable design for your brand.

Plan a campaign

Sometimes, your Instagram stories are part of a larger marketing campaign. Maybe you want to promote a new product line across all platforms. Or maybe your stories are supposed to tie in with a specific event. Or, you’ve come up with a posting schedule carefully-timed around a certain holiday.

In all cases, larger marketing campaigns require a fine-tuned coordination of all of your posts, something that would be very hard to achieve without a scheduling tool.

Do I need a scheduling tool for Instagram Stories?

Of course, it is possible to use Instagram Stories without a planning tool. However, you have to invest more time, and you also miss out on a lot of benefits.

Storrito can help you plan your Instagram Stories, save time, and get the most out of Stories for your business. And the best part is, it’s really easy to use!

How to schedule your Instagram stories with Storrito

It only takes a few steps to set up your Storrito account and start scheduling your Instagram stories.

  1. Sign up at The easiest way to sign up is to use your Google or Facebook account. Otherwise, you can use your email address. You don’t need to set up a password every time you want to log in to your Storrito account. Storrito will simply send you a new login link.
  2. After you have signed up, you will be forwarded to the schedule panel of your Storrito account. Here, you can find all your past and upcoming Instagram stories.
  3. Upload your first image (.jpg, .png) or video (.mp4) into the gallery (see step 4). You can also create a new Instagram story from scratch (see step 5).
  4. After you have uploaded your file, you can prepare your Instagram story in the Storrito editor. Click on the file in the gallery and a modal dialog appears. Click “edit” to open the Storrito editor.
  5. In the Editor, you can prepare your Instagram story. Use the same clickable tags and stickers as in the Instagram app, plus much more.
  6. When you’re ready to post, click “save” and you will be forwarded to the publishing panel. If you already have an Instagram account connected, you can schedule your Instagram story right away, otherwise you’ll have to connect your Instagram account (see step 7).
  7. To connect your Instagram account with Storrito, simply go to the “Instagram Accounts” section. In this panel, you can manage your connected Instagram accounts or add a new one.
  8. You have two options for connecting an Instagram account. You can either connect your Instagram account using your username and password (recommended method), or you can use the Storrito browser extension (alternative method).
  9. Now you can start posting your first story and enjoy all the great features of Storrito!

With Storrito you can:

  • Post and schedule video and image posts
  • Use an online editor to add working interactive elements such as hashtags, locations, quizzes, polls, and much more
  • Schedule stories in bulk
  • Add awesome GIF animations to your images and videos
  • Connect and manage as many Instagram accounts as you want with
  • Cross-post your Instagram stories on Facebook Stories

And: With Storrito, you can also work on a story with other people. All you have to do is send out an email invite, and then they will be able to log in to your Storrito account from their own device. This makes Storrito a great tool for collaboration.

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