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All about the Instagram Location Sticker – and How You Can Use It to Bring New Customers to Your Business

The interactive location sticker on Instagram Stories is an easy and clever way to connect to new customers and increase brand awareness. Here’s how you can use the sticker to help your business.

You have probably already noticed that many people tag their posts, videos and stories on Instagram with a location. It can be their own business name or just a location where they happen to be at the time of their post. They are not doing this to brag, but because location tags can be a great way to increase the exposure for their brand.

Including location tags in your posts

There are many ways to include a location tag in your Instagram posts. One is to allow Instagram to geotag your posts with your specific location. The other is to just use a hashtag with your location in the posts. However, there is also a third and very useful possibility that many businesses are not taking full advantage of: using interactive location stickers in their Instagram stories.

The location sticker allows you to gain targeted exposure and drive new customers to your business. By using the interactive location sticker in your Instagram Stories, your post shows up when users search for the tagged location and you will also show up in location-based stories on the Explore page.

This increases the potential to reach people outside your immediate following and can be very useful if you are looking to bring new customers to your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

The location sticker is a great way to drive brand awareness on Instagram. Since people will be able to discover you and your geotagged posts in the Explore page by simply looking for a specific location, it gives you many opportunities to be discovered by new users that otherwise would have never come across your brand. You can also be as bold as Treehouse Café was in their story, and use your business locale as a location sticker to guide users towards your business.

Screenshot Treehouse Café

Increase Interactions

People connect more easily with things they are familiar with. This could be a local neighborhood or a famous place everyone has heard of. Use this for your business! If you mention specific places by including interactive location stickers, it is likely that more people from that area and even beyond will be motivated to interact with your posts since you have a common point of reference.

Screenshot Sunset Taverna Santorini

You can also turn this strategy around and look for interactive location stickers from a specific neighborhood. You can then use these stories to interact with potential new customers, for example, by letting them know you will be in their neighborhood that week.

Drive Social Proof

Social proof is a term coined by marketing professor Robert Cialdini. It means that people are looking to the behavior of others for guidance in order to figure out how they should act themselves. For example, users will read reviews from other customers before buying a new product.

On Instagram, many users check out what their friends or favorite influencers say about a restaurant, club or store before they will try it out for themselves. A high amount of social shares about a business is one way to drive social proof, which is why you want to make it as easy as possible for users to share posts about your business.

Location stickers make it easy for users to tag themselves at your business location, which in turn will increase the amount of posts about your locale.

Screenshot Cabo Shark Dive

When other users are then looking for a trendy new place in their area, they will use geotagged posts from their friends as inspiration. If your business is tagged there, you will be more successful in attracting new customers.

Help users find your business – online, and in the real world

Social media has changed our behavior in many ways. For example, Instagram has started a trend where people specifically select destinations, such as places to travel or restaurants to visit based on how good they look on Instagram. The “instagramability” of a product has become a marketing factor.

This works especially well if you manage to post interesting pictures of your product or business and also make it easy for users to find them, like the coffee company Coffee ‘n Clothes did in their story. They showcased their products while at the same time used the interactive location sticker to let their followers know they can be found at Bloomingdale’s.

Screenshot Coffee n Clothes

The strategy is easy. People will see your story and be intrigued by the instagramability of your product. Then, they will want to come to check it out. All you have to do is add an interactive location sticker, then interested new customers will know where to find you.

You can also take this one step further and find users on Instagram that have tagged themselves at your business. Ask them if you can re-share their posts as user-generated content. It will not only help you to add interesting content to your Instagram account, but will also show other users how popular your business is and make them curious to stop by and check it out for themselves.

Find local influencers to promote your brand

Interactive location stickers make it easier for users to find your business, but they can also help you find local influencers. Let’s say you are a local ice cream shop and you just came out with a new flavor which you would love to promote through influencers from your area.

Browse through locations near you on the Explore page and find people who have tagged themselves near you in their stories. It’s an easy way to find suitable influencers who can help promote your business to the local crowd.

Screenshot Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

Interactive location sticker: Be smart, be specific, and plan ahead

When including interactive location stickers in your Instagram stories, you want to make sure that you have enabled geotagging on your Facebook business profile. You should also be very specific with the locations and take the time to develop a thorough strategy for including location stickers.

Connect your Facebook and your Instagram account

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the two platforms have become more and more intertwined. For example, in order to be able to geotag your business location on Instagram, you have to enable that function on Facebook and connect your Facebook business page with your Instagram account. This will put your business and its exact location on the Instagram map, which will allow you as well as other users to tag it.

Be ultra-specific with the location sticker

When using the location sticker, you want to be as specific as possible. If you are going to be at a certain event, make sure to use the location tag of that specific event, for example the name of the event center. This will help people interested in the event find you who would not have otherwise.

This is a targeted approach to reach potential clients. If instead you use the name of the city where the event takes place it becomes a very general location tag, which makes it much more difficult for interested customers to find your business.

Use Storrito to come up with a location sticker strategy

Interactive location stickers on Instagram Stories will help your brand the most when you use them strategically. It might make sense to sit down with your team and figure out when, how, and with which stories specifically you will get the most benefit out of using the interactive location sticker.

Storrito is a collaborative web tool that can help you with this. Unlike posting a story from your Instagram app, with Storrito, you can not only upload and edit your story and add interactive hashtags from your desktop, you can also schedule your posts.

Once you create a Storrito profile and connect your Instagram account, multiple users can access it from different locations and devices and work collaboratively on the posts.

Storrito makes planning your posts a lot easier, and it can boost your brand’s performance on Instagram in many ways. Find out how you can use Storrito to plan successful Instagram stories for your business.

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